ADE – Pontefract, Yorkshire

7th December 2020

Manufacturing Knowledge,  bright ideas save generator manufacturers thousands

Investing in new machinery is more than a transaction – it can be the start of a long and valuable relationship for both the purchaser and machinery supplier.

That’s definitely been the case for Pontefract-based Advanced Diesel Engineering, whose purchases of RICO PRCN Press Brakes and RICO HGR hydraulic guillotines from JPS Machinery Ltd has led to a relationship that’s spanned 13 years
and multiple great manufacturing ideas/innovations.

Manufacturing and Health and Safety Manager Gary Conway, says that, with JPS Machinery Ltd  service team members always being available at the end of the phone to pass on their Press Brake knowledge, or to getting hands-on with designing and manufacturing solutions for manufacturing our new products, JPS Machinery Ltd has become more than simply a supplier to Advanced Diesel Engineering, joint collaboration creating manufacturing solutions has saved Advanced Diesel Engineering time and money

Why did you choose to buy from JPS Machinery Ltd ?

We’ve been working with JPS Machinery Ltd since 2007,  we were 1st impressed by the Press Brake knowledge they offered  us when we were in discussions re the purchase of a Press Brake, we are still using the first RICO PRCN Press Brake we purchased from them every single day.

We have used them to supply new machines, repair and service almost all our sheet metal working machines, at our 3 manufacturing sites, because we know we can rely on them for the quality of the metal working machinery they supply, the quality and reliability of the annual maintenance,  occasional breakdown services they provide.

They understand that we are a fast-paced company and put us high up on their service team call out priority list, thus helping us get going again  ASAP if we have a problem, often if its a  CNC controller problem, it’s resolved over the phone.

How have you benefitted from your purchase and your relationship with JPS Machinery Ltd ?

The Answer is YES – around a decade ago Lee Fozard the Managing Director came to our works for a breakdown on our RICO PRCN Press Brake, I was working on the machine at that time trying to save the company money  designing & manufacturing a corrugated steel panel that we could manufacture in-house rather than buying in. I explained to Lee what I was attempting to do,  Lee got involved with me,  he helped tweak the Press Brake parameters, actually test bending several pieces himself, until we jointly produced exactly what we needed, as a result we have made huge saving over the years  manufacturing the corrugated panels in-house, with fast manufacturing times.

How was the service and aftercare?

We get a lot of advice and help over the phone, which saves on call out costs and labour costs – this goes a long way with us and doesn’t get forgotten about when we have a breakdown, or another company asks us for a recommendation.

Would you recommend JPS Machinery Ltd?

Absolutely, mostly due to the great backup / technical service they offer, additionally the RICO Press Brakes & Guillotines supplied have lasted for years, yes we have occasional issues, an electrical component fails, an occasional CNC programming issue,  but they have several good technicians, so we are not waiting long for assistance.

We know we can rely on them to always help us out,  their service teams engineers combined  knowledge and ideas have helped save us thousands over the years.