Foregale – Hessle, Yorkshire

7th December 2020

Creating a partnership cladding manufacturer can rely on

When you’re investing in valuable manufacturing machinery, you need a reliable service partner to keep it working at its best. After trying a number of companies, Liversedge-based cladding and flashing manufacturer Foregale came across JPS Machinery Ltd and haven’t looked back.

From recommendations on the best kit to ongoing servicing and ad hoc support, Foregale director Jamie Scott says the partnership they’ve built with JPS Machinery Ltd brings brilliant benefits for their business year after year.

Why did you choose to buy from JPS Machinery Ltd?

We’d had some old guillotines that were being serviced by JPS Machinery Ltd and they were always happy to share their expertise and knowledge with us. When we were ready to buy some new kit, they arranged for us to go and see the machine we were interested in in action, which made it much easier to make a decision.

How have you benefitted from your purchase and your relationship with JPS Machinery Ltd?

We were really pleased with the first guillotine we bought so bought a second! Not only is the machinery they supply great quality, we know we can rely on them to keep it in top condition. Machinery isn’t my area of expertise so having them on hand to help is invaluable.

How was the service and aftercare?

We’d struggled to find a reliable service partner in the past and been let down a few times, so to find a company like JPS Machinery Ltd was great. We’ve built a real partnership with them and they’re the only company we’ve found who we know we can trust absolutely.

Would you recommend JPS Machinery Ltd?

Finding a company you can trust with servicing is a challenge and we’d used plenty we wouldn’t recommend before we started working with JPS Machinery Ltd. We know we can rely on them for expert advice and that they’ll do everything they can to help us out, which is so important to a business like ours.