Industrial Horizontal Bandsaws and Machines

Metal bandsaw, designed for a wide range of metalworking metal cutting applications such as cutting pipe, tube, box section, sold and much more.
Manual | Semi-Automatic | Automatic

Horizontal Bandsaws – Manual

Horizontal Bandsaws, manual, with a Swivel Bow or Swivel Vice options for  the mitre cutting of workshop metal
box, rectangles, angles, solid rounds & squares small beams & channel.
Bowhead down feed options of manual pull-down or gravity down feed with simple dial control
Manual vice clamping operation handwheel, with rapid action short-stroke close/open lever allowing for quick changeover of material between cuts.

 Horizontal Bandsaws – Semi-Automatic

Horizontal Bandsaws, semi-automatic, with a Swivel Bow or Swivel Vice options for mitre cutting.
Metal-cutting Bandsaws used for straight cutting of steel, aluminium and many more metals are also available.
Semi-Automatic Bandsaws can also be supplied with a bunch of features such as pipe bundle cutting, foot peddle operation, laser cutting line, hydraulic vice, Miter angle display and much more
Semiautomatic bandsaws also come with a wide range of blade hights such as 27mm, 34mm and 41mm allowing you to always achieve the best cut possible.
Metal-cutting saws in this range can also be supplied with a wide variety of infeed and outfeed roller table options such as gravity roller tables,  Digital stop outfeed roller tables automatic infeed and outfeed rollertables.

Horizontal Bandsaws, Semi-Automatic Swivel Bow - Manufacturer FMB

View the range of FMB Horizontal Bandsaws | Semi-Automatic


Horizontal Bandsaws, Semi-Automatic Swivel Vice and swivel bow - Manufacturer HAMME

View the range of Hamme Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaws for structural steel cutting.


Horizontal Bandsaws, Semi-Automatic Swivel Bow - Manufacturer TECHNA FAB

View the range of TECHNA FAB Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaws


Horizontal Bandsaw Automatic

Horizontal Bandsaws, automatic, for straight cutting or for one-way mitre cutting
Metal cutting bandsaw for box, rectangle, structural sections, solid rounds squares.
Powered bowhead down feed, hydraulic, with down feed regulation, flood coolant
NC control, shuttle vice in feed 500 mm or 1000 mm stroke or roller vice options are available
34/41 blade models, vice hydraulic operation close/open.
Various roller conveyors,  bundle clamping, autoloading and many more specialised options are available to allow for the most efficient cutting solutions on the market.

Manual Horizontal Bandsaw

It’s important to decide if you need a manual machine which is a bandsaw with a dead-man switch on the handle of the machine and you pull the bow of the bandsaw down during operation and manually lift the bow up. A Manual bandsaw will have a more economic cost than a semi-Automatic bandsaw but is more labour intensive to use and is suited to small cutting quantities.

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

 A Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw is a bandsaw that you can press a button and the bow of the bandsaw will come down and make the cut and lift back up automatically. All that the operator will have to do is measure the material for cutting or set the Manual stop allowing for quick repeat cutting. This bandsaw will save on time and effort when doing Medium-High Qunatises of cutting

Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

An Automatic Horizontal bandsaw will feed that material through on a rotary or suttle vice and much like a semi-automatic bandsaw the bow will come down make the cut and rase back up most automatic bandsaws can do this multiple times so very little operator time is spent at the bandsaw while it is cutting. This Bandsaw is the most efficient at cutting high quantities but is a higher cost than semi-automatic and manual bandsaws that will quite often be out-wayed by the significant increase in efficiency that these saws can offer. 

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