Mark Free Bending Film

Prevent marking, scratching of Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Pre-Painted
materials,  during Press Brake, Bending, Folding, Rolling operations

Obtain the professional finish your customers will appreciate


Mark Free Bending Film

Urethane Die Bending film, Press Brake Bending Film, Tuff Bending Film, Non Marking Polystrip

How to avoid scratching, marking your components whilst
Press Brake Bending?, simple use a layer of Urethane protective bending film

We offer the following:-

Choice of 2 thickness – 0.4 mm – 0.6 mm

Choice of 2 widths – 90 mm – 150 mm

Available in roll lengths of: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 /100 meters
all ex stock Leeds

To download the Urethane Die Bending Film price list, click the link below,
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Urethane Die Bending Film Holder

Mark Free Bending Film comes in 90 mm – 150 mm widths,  4 mm 0r 6 mm thickness to assist  the positioning / manipulation of  the Urethane die bending film over the Press Brake bending die during a bending operation,
a Urethane die bending film holder can assist, plus ensuring maximum usage

Mark free tuff film, non marking polystrip holders are offered with a 15% discount with a mark free bending film order of 30 metre’s or over.

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Urethane Protective Die Film

Urethane die film, scratch free, mark free, non marking polystrip is used for many sheetmetal working operations
with Press Brakes during bending, folding operations , Box & Pan Folding machinery, or a Hydraulic Press

Obtain the professional finish you’re looking for

A range of other methods for mark free bending, folding are:

  • Special Press Brake tools, with hardened revolving edges at point of material contact
  • Urethane bending die inserts

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