Metal Cutting Guillotine Repair, Service, Breakdown

JPS Machinery Ltd are a major supplier of NEW & USED Metalworking technologies, our In-House service team are weekly involved with the installation, commissioning of Metal Cutting Guillotines, hydraulic or mechanical, swing beam or vertical cut, therefore constantly enhancing knowledge.

The service team are available to assist you with a guillotine repair, service, or an urgent breakdown.

Our service team regularly work resolving issues with metal cutting guillotines such as:

Poor cut quality, burred edge
Blunt, chipped guillotine blades
Sheet to be cut does not cut but fold’s
The back gauge measuring system is not accurate
Material hold downs leaking
Top beam not returning upwards, gas springs need re-gassing

Metal Cutting Guillotine Maintenance Contracts

We have probably the largest Independent dealer In-House service team specialising in Metalworking machinery in the UK.

We can offer your company a Metal Cutting Guillotine
an annual or Bi Annual service contract

Currently experiencing a problem with your Guillotine / Shear
Our In-House service team are available to assist you.

please get in touch with us via our CONTACT PAGE
or the REQUEST A CALL BACK [see below]
or simply call us: 0113 2363366