Our service team routinely service, repair metalworking machinery.

Such as:

  • Metal Cutting Guillotines – Hydraulic press brakes
  • NC press brakes, Small press brakes Electric press brakes
  • CNC Plasma cutting machines, Fiber Laser cutting machines
  • CNC Punching machines servo electric – Hydraulic corner notchers
  • Mandrel & Rotary Tube Bending – Universal Steelworkers
  • Horizontal band saws – Hydraulic presses
  • Sheet & Plate Rolling – Section rolling
  • Powered Folders – Box & pan folders
  • Welding & positional equipment, Box & pan folders

Here is a small glimpse of typical repair work:

  • Start up, no power, no display
  • We are experienced with many CNC & NC control systems, such as:
    Cybelec, Delem, Eurogauge, Elgo, Esa, we can diagnose faults and effect repairs
    usually involves removal of CNC unit to allow diagnostic  testing on our equipment 
  • We are regularly asked to re calibrate one or more axis for a CNC metal working machine
  • Axis drive problem, repair or replace axis drive cards
  • CNC metal working machine lost operating parameters, due to operator error or back up battery failure
  • Axis drive belt snaps, locate and fit replacement, then re calibrate the effected axis
  • Tooling clash, requiring re setting of all axis & parameters
  • Re set Press brake tooling to obtain a consistent bend angle, along tooling length,
    which involves re setting crown / camber of the top tooling
  • Operator safety systems | Infra red front or Laser operator guard faults, electronic rear entry guarding,
    infra red perimeter barriers | We are recognized SICK infra red guard installer
  • Re gas a metal cutting guillotine return springs – gas return spring
  • Replacement or re furbish machine screws and nuts, acme thread or ball screws
  • Leaking hydraulic cylinder – fit new seals
  • Guillotine back gauge out of line, re set & calibrate
  • Chipped or blunt guillotine blades – turn guillotine blades

Repair a Hydraulic Press Brake or Metal Cutting Guillotine

Amada guillotine repair – Amada press brake repair
Morgan Rushworth guillotine repair – Morgan Rushworth Press Brake repair
Promecam guillotine repair – Promecam press brake repair
Edwards Pearson guillotine repair – Edwards Pearson press brake repair
Beyeler guillotine repair – Beyeler press brake repair
Pearson guillotine repair – Pearson press brake repair
Durma guillotine repair – Durma press brake repair
Durmazlar guillotine repair – Durmazlar press brake repair
Durmazler guillotine repair – Durmazler press brake repair
Ermaksan guillotine repair – Ermaksan press brake repair
Rico guillotine repair – Rico press brake repair
Dener guillotine repair – Dener press brake repair
Kingsland guillotine repair – Kingsland press brake repair
Haco guillotine repair – Haco press brake repair
Imal guillotine repair – Imal press brake repair

Repair a CNC Plasma cutting system
Esprit, Esab, Saf, Hypertherm, Nertazip, Thermal dynamics

Repair a Hydraulic Plate Bending Roll
Roccia, Roundo, MG, Davi, Sertom, Faccine, Akyapak, AK, Sahindler,
Durmazlar, Fasti, Luna, Bronx, Hausler, Durma

Repair a Hydraulic Section Bending Roll
Roccia, Roundo, MG, Davi, Sertom, Faccine, Akyapak, AK, Sahindler,
Durmazlar,Fasti, Luna, Bronx, Hausler, Durma

Repair a CNC Punch Press – Servo Electric Punch Press – Turret Punch Press
Trumpf, Haco, Amada, LVD, Strippit, Rhodes,  Pierce all

Repair a Metalworking Folder
Edwards, Keetona, Fasti, Sedgewick, Walton, Cidan, Morgan Rushworth, RAS, Keetona Hydraform
Box and pan, powered box & pan

Repair a Horizontal metal cutting band saw
FMB, Amada, Rusch, Bowmar, Kaltenbach, Kasto, Bianco, Morgan Rushworth

Repair a Tube Bending machine – Rotary or Mandrel
Ercolina, Ineco, Attubo, Langbow, Sahinlar, Macri,

Safan guillotine repair – Safan press brake repair
Techna Fab guillotine repair – Techna Fab press brake repair
Edwards guillotine repair – Edwards press brake repair
Jordi guillotine repair – Jordi press brake repair
Baykal guillotine repair – Baykal press brake repair
MVD inan guillotine repair – MVD Inan press brake repair
Mecos guillotine repair – Mecos press brake repair
Vicla guillotine repair – Vicla press brake repair
Warcom guillotine repair – Warcom press brake repair
Vermacati guillotine repair – Vermacati press brake repair
Carter guillotine repair – Carter press brake repair
Press & Shear guillotine repair – Press & Shear press brake repair
Bystronicr Press brake repair – trumpf press brake repair
Press & Shear Elga guillotine repair – Elga hydrashear guillotine repair
Triumph pratt guillotine repair – Triumph mechanical guillotine repair

Repair a Hydraulic Universal Steelworker – Ironworker – Punch

Geka, Kingsland, Durma, Sunrise, Ficep, Morgan Rushworth, J21, J14

Repair a Hydraulic Press
Sicmi, Forsyth ,Bliss, HME, Rhodes, Schuller, Hare, Hidrolarsken, Galdabini,
Sahindlar, Morgan Rushworth, V50, V30

Repair a  CNC control system
Cybelec, Delam, Elgo, Euro gauge, ESA,
DNC7000, DNC60, DNC 1200, Modiva, cybtouch
Haco, Robosoft, ATS 500, ATS 550, ATL, PC15
Fanuc, Heidenhain, Fagor, broken screen, smashed screen, touchscreen

Repair a Centre Lathe, Radial drill, Pillar Drill, Milling Machines
Kitchen & Walker, Dean Smith & Grace, DSG, Swift, Parkinson, Asquith, Town, Pollard, Parkinson

Repair to operator safety guarding, laser beam or Infra red
Fissler, Sick, Guardscan, Hibass, Safety Scan, Guard Scan, Telemecanique, Pilz, C4000