Motofil – Who are They?

1st November 2018


Motofil is a Portuguese company, founded all the way back in 1981, offering a whole host of robotised solutions for arc and resistance welding processes, including but not limited to development and integration handling, flexible bending applications, cutting and much more, able to cater for a variety of industries and sectors.

Motofil create complete solutions boasting integrated systems, motivated by the certainty that the combination of ‘innovation and competence’ is the only path for the future.


Some of the things that make Motofil stand out against their competitors include the following:

  • Motofil offer worldwide support and service – sometimes carried out by appointed resellers such as JPS Machinery Ltd
  • Motofil equipment is built under a machine-tool philosophy with the frames and parts mostly machined, using first class worldwide recognised components
  • Motofil offer professional installation services
  • They offer complete training at their facilities, including automation programming and development training
  • All Motofil equipment and machinery is high quality and reliable, offered at extremely attractive prices

Machinery solutions offered by Motofil hold capabilities for:

  • Welding, cutting, shot-blasting and bending
  • CNC machining: 30 CNC machines; work up to 26000 x 1600 x 5300mm (X+Y+Z)
  • Drilling, turning, milling and grinding
  • Manufacturing cells (Motofil recently built a manufacturing cell for PORSCHE car sub frames, including thermal cutting, press brake folding, assembly frames and robotic welding)


Motofil Appoint JPS Machinery Ltd

Motofil regularly export to countries including England, France, Spain, Holland, Mexico and Brazil and in turn, as you may have seen in our previous blog post, have appointed JPS Machinery Ltd as their sole UK & Ireland agent!

Incredibly passionate about laser & plasma cutting machines, this is something that we are incredibly delighted about, and are available to talk with anyone that has any questions regarding Motofil equipment or would like to purchase Motofil machinery for their businesses.

If you would therefore like to discuss your individual needs and requirements today, whilst getting any questions that you may have answered, do not hesitate to get in touch with out professional and experienced team.