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MVD iBEND B Series B175-3100 Synchronised Hydraulic - 4 Automatic Axis Press Brake

Press Brake – Outline Specification:

Capacity: 175 Ton x 3100 mm Bend Length
4 Automatic axis being [Y1+Y2+X+R]
CNC Control Cybelec CybTouch 8 PS8 PS Off Line Software
FIESSLER AKAS II F Laser Operator Guards

Ex Stock Leeds – July 2021

To view or download the new MVD iBend B Series
Hydraulic Synchronised Press Brake 4 Automatic Axis specification & price, click on the link below.

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MVD B Series 3100X6mm Swingbeam Guillotine

Hydraulic Swing Beam Metal Cutting Guillotine

Standard Specification

• Swing Beam action, – Fixed top blade ‘Rake’ cutting angle, varies with cut thickness
• Guillotine Blades suitable for Carbon and Stainless Steel 2 cutting edges top blade – 4 cutting edges bottom blade
• ELGO P40 T ‘Touch Screen’ control unit, mounted into a hanging swivel control panel
1000 mm motorised back gauge, with hardened ball screws, linear guides [ Accuracy + or – 0.1 mm ]
• Swing up back gauge function for cuts greater than 1000 mm
• Automatic retraction of the back gauge at commencement of the cut
• Dual stroke speed – selector for selection of strokes per min
• 250mm Throat
• Front finger protection, with clear viewing panels along its length, 1st 1000 mm ‘lift up’ section
• Frontal ‘down lighting’ for cutting area – with shadow cutting line
• The material ‘hydraulic‘ hold down jacks’ are fitted with Teflon tips to avoid material marking
• Front table infill plates fitted with roller balls for easy material positioning
1000 mm LH mounted squaring arm, with measure scale, flip up stops
• 1000 mm front material support arms, with measure scale, flip up stops
• Blade gap mechanism – easy regulation, handle, pointer, scale, positioned on side of guillotine
• Rear of guillotine, cut material chute
• ‘Rear’ of machine operator entry protection – photo electric barriers
• Foot pedal – Continuous cut, or cycle-by-cycle cut
HOERBIGER hydraulic block
SCHNEIDER electrical components
• MVD Inan standard warranty  24 months parts & labour supported by JPS Machinery Ltd service team
• Operators instruction manual
• CE certificate

TECHNA-FAB QC12Y 3200-12 Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine

Hydraulic Guillotine – Outline Specification:

Capacity: 3200 mm x 12 mm
ESTUNE E21S control
Powered Back Gauge with DRO
Pneumatic Rear Sheet Support

Ex Stock Leeds – July 2021

To view or download the new TECHNA-FAB QC12Y –3200 x 12 Hydraulic
‘Swing Beam’ Guillotine specification & price, click on the link below.

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Tube Bender Rotary draw

Rotary Draw Tube Bender – Outline Specification

Tubes with max ø of 60 x 4 mm wall thickness
(Max Tensile 45 Kgs/mm2 carbon steel)

  • Rotary draw tube bender (without Mandrel)
  • Digital Bend Programming software – ‘Touch Screen’
  • Starter Set of 3 Formers (Optional) for Tube 334248 mm Ø


Ex Stock Leeds – July 2021

To view or download the new MEMOLI – 60 x 4 Rotary Draw Tube Bender
specification & price, click on the link below.

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TECHNA FAB PBB 1028 - 1.2
Manual Box & Pan Folder

Manual Box & Pan Folder -Outline Specification

1028 mm Bend Length x 1.2 mm (carbon steel 45kg/mm2)
ul class=”bulleted”>

  • Manual material clamping
  • Manual material clamping, treadle operation
  • Manual operation bending beam
  • Segmented Top Blade – 1″| 1.5″|2″|3″|4″|5″|6″|8″|10″
  • Ex Stock Leeds – March 2021
  • To view or download the TECHNA FAB PBB 1028 x 1.2 mm [12 swg] Manual Box & Pan Folder
    specification & price, click on the link below.

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TECHNA-FAB S-200R Semi Automatic Mitre Cutting Horizontal Bandsaw

Semi Automatic Bandsaw – Outline Specification


  • Capacity: 240 mm Rounds
  • Square – 310 x 230 mm Rectangle
    Mitre Cutting 0° to 45° to the Right – 0° to 60° to the Left
  • s


To view or download the New TECHNA-FAB Model S-200R horizontal mitre cutting bandsaw specification & price, click on the button below.

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In Stock Semi Automatic Mitre Cutting Bandsaw


  • Mitre cutting: 0° to 60° to the Right – 0° to 60° to the left
  • Capacity: 440 mm rounds & squares
  • 620 x 440 mm rectangle
  • 1 Available ex stock Leeds


To view or download the New TECHNA-FAB Model S-440R Horizontal mitre cutting bandsaw specification & price, click on the button below.

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FMB Saturn+G Manual Gravity Down Feed Bandsaw

Standard specification

Metal cutting bandsaw – straight & swivel bow mitre cutting, gravity down feed [G], ‘manual’ pull-down bow option, bow handle with integral on/off switch,2 blade speeds 35/70 m/min, fast action vice, flood coolant, mounted on a steel cabinet.

Mitre Cutting:45° & 60° to the right,45° to the left.

  • cutting capacity @ 0°
    Rounds 305mm
    Squares 300mm
    Rectangles 300 x 375mm
  • Band saw bow head angle rotation, pre-set positive stop(s) @ 0° then 60° to the right,
    45° to the left & right, with graduated scale, locking lever


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Universal Steelworkers

Technafab Qc32 - 16y 66TON Universal steelworker

Hydraulic Steelworker

2 Cylinder hydraulic universal steelworker with


5 work stations for 2 operators use



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