Precision CNC Plasma Cutters

2D flat bed profiling – 3D tube & beam profiling

Flat bed 2D Tables, or Gantry machines for larger dimensioned plates
Gantry machines offer oxy-fuel only or multiprocess options.
Multiprocess offers both plasma & oxy-fuel heads, bevelling, drilling, tapping heads [ISO 40] 3D tube & beam profiling

The latest technology plasma arc generators, plus filter cabinet units with ducting.

If you are currently searching for a 2/3D thermal profile cutting solution,
then please browse the 2/3D profile cutting range below.

Along with our manufacturing partners, we are confident that we can offer you the correct machinery & practical knowledge to assist you

2/3D Profile Cutting Machinery

All 2/3D profile cutting machinery supplied by JPS Machinery Ltd
comes with a reliable package of:- Delivery to your works gates, off loading, site positioning, commissioning, operator ‘machine function’, training, ongoing telephone or site technical support, parts & labour warranty machinery movement insurance + public liability insurance
[insurance policies are available to be viewed on our home page]

All fully supported by our service team, probably the largest independent dealer service team in the UK

Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine Gantry Type MOTOFIL GRAGOM

Cross Carriage [X] Axis

Up to 6 Cutting Heads

Cutting Table & Rails [Y] Axis

Fume Extraction Cutting Table


AEROm Dust Cabinet

Electrical Cabinet

Radan CAD/CAM Software

Radan Radnest


Plasma Cutting Machines Plasm Arc Generator THERMAL DYNAMICS

Conventional Plasma Cutter

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter – Auto-Cut XL & A Series

Conventional plasma is a good quality cutting process, suitable for general purpose cutting, some top edge rounding, cut edge angle up to 6°, wider ‘Kerf’ than High Precision, high speeds, constant cut quality, excellent torch parts life


Multiprocess thermal plasma cutting machine

Flexibility with production of parts requiring multiple process in a single set up

Speed within a work cycle, simply due to not requiring changes of the machines set-up for each required processes


Plasma Cutting Gantry Model DRAGOM

The highest industry standard plasma cutting machinery

Plasma Generators up to 400 amps – 600 & 800 amps to be announced soon

Modular cutting table, cutting length can increase at any time after installation

Gas consoles, fully automatic

Torch height control, completely automated

CNC unit controls up to date with industry standards

The option of working with both DXF and ESSI toolpath file systems


Plasma Cutting Table

CNC Plasma

Easy set up

Flexible Cutting Solution

Cross Carriage

Plasma Cutting Head

Cutting Table

Fume Extraction