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2 Roll Sheetmetal Rolling Machine

2 Roll Sheetmetal Rolling Machine

Fast and easy to use the 2 roll sheetmetal rolling machine is the perfect solution to roll simple cylindrical diameters with thinner gauge steel material when quantities allow for automation

The Roccia HR2W has a solid mono electro welded frame, accurately machined on CNC machines to achieve the precision typical of Roccia machines. 2 roll sheet metal rolling machine for production & precision rolled cylinders.


Simple ! if you are volume producing simple cylinders from thin sheet metal
then this Roccia HR2W offers a flexible machine configuration, choice of three control software packages,
fully automatic vacuum loading onto powered input conveyor, rolled cylinder ejection,
the cylinder is ready for the next operation such as: seam welding, rivet jointing, lock formed joint etc, etc

Alternatively HR2W can be operated manually using a simple control & PLC

The typical thickness for a 2 roll sheet metal rolling machine goes from 0.2 up to 3mm – [45kg/ N2 tensile], in some special cases even up to 4 mm
with steel sheet materials of a width from 50 mm up to 2000 mm.

The Roccia HR2W 2 roll rolling system uses a large diameter lower neoprene roll, then above is positioned a power down feed mandrel arm
with a round tube former positioned on it, different diameter round tube formers are used for differing rolled diameters.

The basic principle is that the round tube former on its powered down feed arm is pressed into the lower neoprene roll,
creating what you might describe as a ‘rolling hollow’, into this ‘rolling hollow’ is introduced the sheet material
to be rolled.

The Roccia HR2W machine has

Roccia HR2W is typically offered with a varying level of control & feed options, such as vacuum loading, powered in feed conveyor, finished cylinder part ejector.


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