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3 Roll Plate Bending Machine – HR3WR


The wide based angled frame bulkhead construction is designed to bring increased stability to the whole structure, designed by ROCCIA engineers to absorb side thrust forces during plate rolling cycles. A Roccia 3 roll bending machine utilises 3 driven rolls to ensure the rolling torque power transfer. This way a strong material grip is assured between top roll and lower roll with the  material pinching system.

Single unit high torque hydraulic Motors/Planetary Gearboxes are directly mounted onto each driving roll to ensure a smooth feed through of the plate, there is no loss of power normally associated with secondary transmissions, plus the added benefit of one less gearbox to maintain.

Italian excellence’ – perfection without compromise



Why choose the 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine – HR3WR?

The MECHANICAL ADJUSTMENT OF THE PINCHING lower roll in counjunction with the powerful thrust of the 2 side bending rolls during the pre bend cycle ensures a minimal flat along the longitudinal edge.

CLEANLINESS AND ORDER in the hydraulic and electrical parts of our machine express the attention to detail we put into our product.

ROCCIA plate bending rolls use SWING ARM TECHNOLOGY for the movement of the side bending rolls. Each swing arm is manufactured from a solid steel profile this ensures rigidity. This design solution offers a smooth friction free movement for each side roll, a friction less system has the advantages of; more pre-bending power, a maintenance free longer life unit.

ROCCIA roll dimensioning camber calculation are done on sophisticated 3D cad software that produces all the critical data required for every step of the rolling process. Roll calculations are seldom to standard formulae, no, they are calculated around customer requirements, this being, material type, mechanical strength, material thickness, the rolls cylinder length dimension. Only this way can we grant the performance and the precision of the plate rolling machine we manufacture for you.

Roccia engineers have designed a new and exclusive heavy duty CONE ROLLING DEVICE, that is mounted or bolted or positioned into the machine hard against the bottom roll shoulder to eliminate possible movement.

ROLL DESIGN CALCULATION. It is the heart of the machines performance; it’s what makes a ROCCIA plate roll different from the competition.

ROLL CAMBER CALCULATION. Roll camber is required to counter act roll deflection that occurs as bending forces are applied, so as to ensure a perfect closing of the longitudinal seam, it is a vitally important factor. If the camber is calculated incorrectly, the result will be, (1) a barrel shaped cylinder ie not closing perfectly along the longitudinal seam, gap in the middle, (2) an hour glass shaped cylinder, the longitudinal seam touching in the middle, but not at the ends.

ERGONOMIC CONTROL PANEL. As place your hands on the control console, you will immediately be aware that all the controls are exactly where you would expect them to be.


All the steel parts required are produced on modern CNC machinery to ensure consistant within tolerance results. Pivot points for the connection of the swing arm system, hydraulic cylinders, the yoke, utilize high static load bearings and (self-lubricating bushings), being virtually maintenance free.

Encoders are attached to each end of the pinch side rolls, these encoders are used to individually monitor each pinch side rolls position and paralessism relative to the top roll. The encoders operate in unison with the machines PLC and electro-hydraulic valving.

The PLC receives inputs from the encoders, recognising the actual position against a required position, the PLC sends a control voltage to the electro-hydraulic valve(s), the electrovalving then is activated to adjust the hydraulic oil flow to the pinch side rolls to maintain or move to a desired DRO or CNC axis position.


Extensive studies on the materials used and their dimensioning ensure that the Roccia plate rolls can never be thrown into crisis, even when they perform the toughest jobs. Increased structural sections, high driving torque and thrust of bending rolls and strong and efficient support of the machine yoke, these expedients guarantee a greater rigidity of the machine during cone rolling process.

Smart Machines

With the op.time technology Roccia Rundbiegen plate rolls offer up to 20% of energy saving, when compared to traditional plate rolling machines. Our plate rolls use a friction free swing arm system to position the pre bend rolls, no friction, no power absorbed. When the machine is not in use for a period of 5 minutes an electronic control sets the machine into a “stand by mode”.

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