3D CNC Profile Cutting Machines

CNC cutting machines and cutting services, our two business entities, form a unique synergy within the steel fabrication market. Unlike others, we not only develop and build customized CNC cutting machines for 3D profiling; we also perform cutting services for third parties on our in-house built machines. With our unique combination of CNC cutting machines and cutting services, you can have pipes and tubes, beams, box sections, vessel heads or other profiles cut extremely accurately and with a bevel for faster fitting, providing smaller weld volume and shorter fabrication time.

CNC Pipe Cutter ProCutter 600–900

Our CNC Pipe Cutters, ProCutter 600 and 900, incorporate all of HGG’s advanced technology and expertise. Operational excellence is applied to keep costs low. They come with oxy-fuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM Interfaces.

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Pipe Cutting Machine (chuck type) SPC 500–1200 PT

The SPC 500–1200 Stationary Pipe Cutting Machine is able to process a wide variety of materials, sizes and wall thicknesses making it suitable for all kinds of applications. It comes with oxy-fuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM interfaces.

  • Savings on fitting and welding
  • Operator safety first
  • CAD to machine

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Pipe Cutting Line; roller bed type with floating chuck SPC 660–1200 RB

The SPC 660–1200 RB Pipe Cutting Line from HGG combines the roller bed principle for an uninterrupted material flow while controlling the rotation of the material with a floating chuck registering linear displacement.

  • Continuous material flow
  • Perfect cutting shapes
  • CAD to machine

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Pipe and Box section Cutting Machine MPC 450 I 500–1200

Pipe and square tube cutting machine for automated 3D pipe and box cutting. The MPC is highly accurate and versatile and combines three machines into one.

  • Quick switch b/n pipe and box cutting
  • Smooth weld details
  • Perfect fit length

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CNC Pipe Cutting machine for vessels and offshore SPC 1500–3000 PT

The SPC 1500–3000 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine is a very robust machine built to handle large pipe diameters and heavy weights. Everything in the machine is designed and implemented with the purpose to guarantee extreme tolerances during cutting.

  • Holes Truly Round
  • Elimination of Lay-out
  • Thick Wall Accuracy

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Pipe and Vessel Head Cutting machine SPC 1500–3000 VHC

The SPC 1500–3000 VHC pipe and vessel head cutting machine is the answer to pressure vessel manufacturers struggling with and spending too much time on lay outs. The VHC saves you time on cutting, fitting and welding.

  • Savings on fitting and welding
  • Elimination of lay-out
  • Dish heads and vessels

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CNC Pipe Cutting Line (roller bed type) RBPC 660–2000

The RBPC 660–2000 is a highly productive CNC pipe cutting line driven by a roller bed. It comes with wheels sets and torch-to-material distance sensors dealing with pipe behavior during rotation.

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Beam Cutting Machine RPC 1200

The RPC 1200 beam cutting machine is a high-performance plasma cutting line and the most advanced and productive one in the market. The RPC sets a new standard by offering an entire fab shop in a single machine.

  • Free form
  • Parts that fit
  • H-beam and beyond

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Robot Profile Cutting Line PCL 600

The PCL 600 is a high performance robot profile cutting line. The PCL is the most innovative plasma stiffener cutting line on the market.

  • Simultaneous sorting and cutting
  • Improved welding performance
  • On the fly measurement

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Pipe and Tube Cutting Line TCL 400

The TCL 400 Plasma Pipe and Tube Cutting Line is the next generation 3D cutting machine for pipe and tube. The highly productive TCL is the answer to automated but expensive tube laser cutting machines.

  • Unparalleled productivity
  • User safety
  • Material sorting

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Profile Cutting Machine Ship Profiler

Our Ship Profiler offers automated profile cutting for an affordable price, combining high productivity with a small footprint.

  • Automation & high productivity for an affordable price
  • Operator safety through optimized fume exhaust
  • 3D laser measurement for accurate cutting

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