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Beam Folding Machine
Powered Hydraulic

Beam Folding Machine Folding of building cladding, roofing products Folded lengths 3000 mm up to 12000 mm Material thickness 0,7 mm to 3.0 mm

Inbuilt shear, long folded items can be 'trimmed' from 3000 mm up to 12000 mm, without requiring a 2nd operation

Why choose a Long beam folding machine ?

  • If your requirement is to fold steel sheets 3000 to 12000 mm x 3 mm max thickness, for cladding and roofing products then a long beam folder is a correct solution, additionally, there is a significant saving when considering the main alternative, that being a long bed Press Brake [expensive option], additionally, a long beam folder occupies a reduced footprint compared to a Press Brake
  • With the inbuilt shear, the long fold items can be trimmed from 4000 mm up to 12000 mm without requiring a 2nd operation, perfect for thinner sheet materials between,0.5 to 0.8 mm
  • The standard ‘Simple Touch’ CNC control software is specifically designed for the bending of long lengths of building & roofing profiles,
  • There is the additional ‘Option’ of the CNC ‘Elite Bender’ software
  • Both the ‘Simple Touch’ & ‘Elite Bender’ CNC controls are very easy to program and operate
  • No requirement for several sets of bending/folding tooling, therefore, reduced tooling costs
  • Beam folding machine can produce wall & roof cladding, flashings, cladding rail, cleats, lapping joints, interlocking panels, standing seam panels, flatlock panels, rounds, hems, ‘teardrop’ hem or open hem profiles, etc,etc

A Long beam folding machine is a specialist machine created for the folding of long products used primarily in the manufacture of building cladding, roofing products, such as single skin profiles, purlins, mounting rail systems, composite panels, twin skin systems etc, where its common to require long fold lengths ranging from
4000 mm up to 12000 mm of steel sheets x 3 mm in thickness

A long beam folding machine uses the simple concept of all folding machines, this being that the sheet material is clamped between the top beam tooling and the lower rotational angle bending beams flat surface, the lower bending beam then is rotated upwards against the clamped material to produce the required bend angle

 This simple bending, folding procedure enables working on delicate surfaces without damaging the product, as is the case with thinner steel sheets, between 0.5 to 0.8 mm,
or coated and lacquered steel sheets. long beam folders can work with metal sheets up to a thicknesses, of 3 mm.

Long beam folding machine

Long beam folding machine suitable for the manufacture of cladding, roofing profiles such as: single skin profiles, twin skin systems, purlins, mounting rail systems, composite panels.

Standard Specification:

  • Profile bend lengths of 4000 mm to 12000 mm, upto 3 mm material thickness
  • Rotational lower beam offering folding angles to 145°
  • Material back-gauge of 1070 mm stroke
  • 260 mm open height between top & bottom tools
  • The standard ‘Simple Touch’ CNC control software is specifically designed for the long beam bending of cladding, roofing profiles, it’s easy to program and operate, ‘Touch screen’ control, make your programs step by step, memorize them for later use
  • Clamping Pressure In the standard ‘Simple Touch’ controller has a double pressure switch with two defined pressures, 120 bar for normal operations, then 180 bar to close a hem [safe edge],or when folding any max thickness material


  • The longitudinal sheet cutter is available to make a final
    trimming cut of a folded sheet, up to 3 mm thick.
    The adjustment of the required gap between the 2 circular cutting blades is made by a simple lever movement
  • Brush-less motor for backgauge with encoder
  • Double switch foot pedal
  • Emergency stop “kick wire”
  • Safety operating speed 10 mm/sec


CNC EliteBender, runs on the latest generation Windows operating system, allowing the EliteBender to be connected to the web for remote assistance directly into Secorema technical department

The EliteBender raises the operating system to a higher level than the standard ‘simple touch’, the controller the features of the EliteBender enables the operator to quickly program parts, simple or complex

EliteBender features are

  • Touch screen (TFT), draw the profile with your finger, with a graphical view, then edit the drawing with angles and lengths, or add special features, such as different hems, edge flattening, rounded parts
  • preview the part on the graphical screen, define best folding sequences, simulate the folding operation step by step.
  • Change beam pressures, compensate for  material ‘spring back’
  • Create your own database for different material characteristics
  • Store unlimited profile files, rename them reorganize them by folders

Safety Laser:

Operator finger protection for the clamping beam & trimmer, plus increased speed of operation, i.e. with the laser beam the clamping beam descends without a mute position

Backgauge fingers servo-motorized:

For ‘conical’ profiles, mainly used for gutter manufacture, each finger of the back gauge is servo-motorized to produce a cone profile [see image]

Segmented ‘Goats Foot’ top tool, for box & pan type folding

Clamping Pressure Sensor:
This is a pressure sensor that reads the pressure value of the top clamping beam, It is controlled within the  CNC EliteBender software. With this sensor you can control the pressure of clamping beam, for thickness hem [safe edge], delicate material.

Automatic Radius:

The automatic radius software is included within the CNC EliteBender, it consists of an Encoder that reads the value of the position of the clamping beam, the position of the clamping beam determines the radius formed

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