Sheet Metal Folder | Powered or Manual

Box and Pan Folding Machine
Manual Operation

Box and Pan Folder

Manual Operation

Material Thickness: 1.2 mm to 2.5 mm
Bend lengths: 1020 mm to 3050 mm


Why choose a Box and Pan Manually Operated Folder?

  • If your requirement is to is to fold steel sheet materials 1020 mm to 3050 mm width
    1.2 to 2.5 mm max thickness, for small  quantity products, 4 sided trays, boxes, flashings etc, where financial budgets are also a consideration, then a manually operated Box and Pan folder is the likely to be a correct solution.
  • However whilst Box and Pan Folders were manufactured by Edwards Besco, Waltons for decades, good condition USED ones seldom appear in the USED machinery market, so its probable that a NEW Box and Pan folder Machine will become a strong consideration.

A Box and Pan folder uses the simple concept of all folding machines, the sheet material is clamped between the top beam tooling and the lower rotational angle bending beam, then the lower bending beam is rotated upwards against the clamped material to produce the required bend/folded angle

Box and Pan Folder, manually operated, ,strong>i.e. clamping of the material, beam angle rotation, assisted by counter weights are a common site in many sheet metal workshops, they are used for lighter duty Box and Pan folding work to produce any 4 sided box, 4 sided, tray, flashings.

NEW Box and Pan Folder Capacities are:
Material Thickness 1.2 to 2.5 mm | bend length 1020 to 3050 mm

Box and Pan Folder

Fabricated structure with:

• Fully segmented top blade fingers
• Blade fingers – with ‘flat’ finger orientation’
• Bending angle 0° – 135°
• Manually adjusted angle stops for repeat bending
• Adjustable top beam settings for differing material thickness
• Top clamping beam manually adjusted
adjustment handles at each side of top beam
• Removable front angle [on lower beam] for narrow return bends
• 2 Off counterbalance weights to give easy bending
• Operator manual

NEW Box and Pan Folder Capacities are:
Material Thickness 1.2 to 2.5 mm | bend length 1020 to 3050 mm

Models being:
1.2 x 1020 mm
1.6 x 1220 mm
2.5 x 1220 mm
2.5 x 1220 mm
1.2 x 1300 mm
2.0 x 2040 mm
2.5 x 2040 mm
2.5 x 3050 mm

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