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Electric Tapping Machine

Thread tapping machine electric D-BD

Applying the electric tapping machine D-BD will make you experience the new way of making inside threads.

Working with the D-BD Electric thread machine is a guarantee for ergonomic working and for saving a lot of time. So it saves money. The Electric tread machines are easy to install and to operate, they have a high productivity and low labour intensity. With the D-BD you arrange a rapid positioning and a large scale of working area. A quick change of the collets with all are equipped with an overload clutch.

The electric thread machines are both manually and automatically to use and have an adjustable rotation speed. The electric tread tapping machine comes with a bright display, which renders a number of technical functions as adjustable rotation speed, adjustable depth, various selected size of thread, manualy or automatic operated.


  • No need for air pressure
  • Instead positioning the work piece under the tap, it is possible to bring the tap to the tapping hole
  • Fast change times because the machine is always ready to use
  • Guaranteed tapping at right angles (90 °) or working at an angle (D-BD-M12-D-BD-M30)
  • Low investment and maintenance costs
  • The quick-change collets are all equipped with an overload clutch


  • Bright display, which renders a number of technical functions:
  • Adjustable rotation speed
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Adjustable depth
  • Material
  • Main rotating direction
  • Various types of thread: Metric/Whitworth/Gas(G)/Gas(Rc)/UNC/NPTGas(Rc)/UNC/NPT

Magnetic foot for tapping machines

The tapping machine can be used most flexibly in combination with a magnetic foot.

Worktable for tapping machines

Your threading machine becomes a complete workstation when you mount it on one of our mobile work tables with solid worktop with T-slots.

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