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Hydraulic Torsion Bar Press Brake TECHNA FAB WC67Y

Why choose this TECHNA FAB Hydraulic Press Brake?

The Chinese manufactured model WC67Y Press Brake uses the older ‘dead stop-torsion bar’ system, which gives a single [Y] axis position and requires that all bending is done in the middle of the Press break the suitability of this dead stop-torsion bar system depends upon your companies manufacturing requirements: Get in touch – we can assist.

The lower specification WC67Y Press Brake price is an attractive proposition.

  • Operator safety, with the SICK DETEC 4 infra-Red light curtains.
  • Protective height 900 mm x 14 mm Resolution,
    with an additional dual safety circuit & additional safety relay.
  • Reliable performance of metal bending, premium brand.
  • Electrical, hydraulic components, available in UK:  reliable UK service & technical support team.

However, a word of caution*
A Bending Brake using a ‘Dead Stop’ system, for the
bending positioning of the [Y] axis is 10 times less accurate in position the [Y] axis depth, than a Synchronised hydraulic metal bending Press Brake.

For sheet metal bending when bending say 2 mm
using say a 16mm ‘V opening, the bend angle will vary around ( + or – 1°), ‘bend to bend’, so a 2° angle variation is possible.

Angle accuracy increases as the lower tool ‘V’ opening increases, so for steel plate bending with a wider ‘V’
the problem decreases

For more information on accuracy, just call us.

Well dimensioned frame, good open height corresponding beam stroke, throat depth etc – check the dimensions out.

ADVANTECH CNC control, a simple system,
easy to use quick to learn.

CNC control.  Controller options of up to 8 automatic axis, ancillary equipment, offline software.

CNC programming assistance after installation: UK telephone support available, ‘freely’ now and for the future

The TECHNA FAB Standard’ press brake back gauge Commences with 2 automatic axis being [X+R].

Options of up to 2 additional back gauge automatic
axis, being [Z1+Z2]

Lower deflection table option.

Beware of relying too much on a lower bed deflection system, the over use of a lower beam anti- deflection system does create a ‘banana’ effect over the bend length, Anti- deflection systems have a part to play in the metal bending, but they should be used as a ‘fine tuning’ tool

What is a Torsion Bar – ‘Dead Stop’ System?


A large‘Torsion Bar’ is attached to the rear of the top beam, the ‘Torsion Bars’ only function’ is to
mechanically hold the top bending beam level
[i.e. the [Y] axis beam] during downward and upward strokes, therefore it stops the top beam from crabbing.


Final bending position of the [Y] axis, i.e. the Left & Right Hydraulic Cylinders, is controlled by ‘Dead Stops’, ‘Dead stops’ are large ‘motorised’ nuts, engaged with large a dimensioned buttress thread, these large dimensioned buttress threads are an extension to the whole cylinder piston, piston rod etc i.e. all machined as a one(1)piece.


The 2 ‘Dead Stop’ nuts are both driven by shafts from a central gearbox that is fitted with a rotary encoder to measure gearbox revolutions. The motorised ‘Dead Stop’ nuts position themselves up or down the buttress thread, the final bending position is achieved when the 2 number hydraulic cylinders are hydraulically pressurised,  the hydraulic pressure forces the hydraulic piston downwards until the ‘Dead Stop’ nuts ‘bottom out’ inside each
of the 2 number [Y] axis hydraulic cylinders.


[Y] axis positional accuracy is controlled by measuring the central gearbox revolutions, offering [Y] axis re positioning accuracy of each [Y] axis stroke of (+ or – 0.10 ), where as a Synchronised Press Brake is 10 x more accurate being  (+ or – 0.01 ) each [Y1+Y2] axis stroke [Y1+Y2] Synchronisation is achieved using 2 number Optical Linear scales positioned at [Y1+Y2].

Interested in a CNC Controller demo? No problem, just ask.


During the delivery, off loading and installation of this Bending Brake, it is covered by JPS Machinery Ltd: Marine, machinery movement, public liability insurances. [these insurance policies are available to be viewed from the footer of out website].

Operator frontal guarding SICK DETEC 4 infra-Red light curtains
protective height 900 mm x 14 mm Resolution
Photo cell electronic rear entry guarding

Many operator friendly ‘production enhancing’ ancillary equipment options.

Standard specification

Available capacities: 40 to 600 tons – 2200 to 6200 mm bending lengths

Tonnage: 40 to 600 ton
Bend Lengths: 2200 mm to 6200 mm

Fitted with

ADVANTECH CNC control, offering programming of the 3 automatic
motorised axis [Y+X+R] – Hardened ‘ball screw’ to the [X] axis.

Tonnage pressure control [Function P]
Max 100 programs created & stored, each program max 10 steps
Material type selection, tooling library, USB port.

  • 2 Automatic fast axis: [X+R]
  • 2 Manually operated axis: [R1+R2]
  • Back gauge – 600 mm stroke – ‘hardened’ ball screw
    2 ‘Flip up’ fingers on the back gauge unit,
  • Top Gooseneck tool including one segmented 805mm length – 85° nose angle
  • A single length 4 way ‘V’ bottom tool standard V’s are 16/25/35/50 – 85° vee angle
  • Operator frontal protection SICK DETEC 4 light curtains, protective height 900mm x 14mm Resolution
  • Dual safety circuit with ‘guide force relays’ to reduce instance of sticking contactors,
  • Schmersal safe working ‘safety relay’, a relay that checks the integrity of the dual safety circuits
    [complies with CE Category IV]
  • 2 Side guard fences with interlock switches
  • Photo cell electronic rear entry guarding
  • Self-centring press brake tooling table
  • Wandering foot pedestal – with emergency stop button
    TECHNA-FAB 24 months standard parts & labour warranty
    telephone assistance, all by JPS Machinery Ltd service team
  • Machine controls  Bending Brake ADVANTECH CNC unit,
    control panel, within a hanging swivel unit

    Self-centring lower table, with machined
    ‘V’ tooling location’s of 60mm/90mm/120 mm [tooling location drawing DR.90208 is available for clarity]

  • Top tooling intermediary ‘Euro style’ clamps, 100 mm high x 150 mm width, with crowning wedge system
  • Quality Italian manufactured tooling:-
    835 mm lengths of top punch goose neck tool Ref 12.600, with one 805 mm sectionalised length
  • Bottom tooling 4 way die 60 mm square,
    the ‘V’s are 16-22-35-50 – Ref 20.670
    [This standard tooling package can be modified to suit the individual needs of each customer]
  • Front and Rear machine illumination
  • Standby function: Green Credentials
    Automatically turns off the main motor after
    5 minutes of consecutive non activity
  • RICO & JPS Machinery standard warranty:
    24 months parts & labour, fully supported by the JPS Machinery Ltd service team,
  • Press Brake operators instruction manual
  • CE certificate

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