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Manual Sheet Metal Rolling Machine 8263

Manual Sheet Metal Rolling Machine 8263

Suitable for production of less demanding profiles, the 8263 is a manually operated machine made of cast iron. The lower rolls are fixed mounted while the upper roll is adjustable by means of two screw spindles. One side bracket can be bent outwards for the removal of finished piping. EUROPEAN BUILD QUALITY – MADE IN SWEDEN

Why choose the Manual Sheet Metal Rolling Machine 8263?

Nosstec offers the market a wide variety of machines, independent if you need one for simple single piece bending roll work of if you produce high volumes of products with high requirements.

As a bonus we will support you with a machine with the highest quality on the market.

  • Basic and robust
  • Cone bending optional
  • Crowned rolls
  • Heavy duty production

All Sheet Metal Rolling Machines are fully supported by our service team,
probably the largest independent dealer service team in the UK.
Experienced, reliable, professional.


Equipment for diagonal setting of upper roll.


Used when working with hard materials like stainless steel. Induction-hardened to a depth of min 3mm, 57HRC hardness.

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