MEMOLI Rotary Draw Tube Bending Machines, Tube Bending Machines




Linear bending of tubes up to 65 mm diameter.
Fully automatic bending machines with CNC 3 axes: bending (Y axis), advancement (X axis) and rotation (Z axis).

Manufactured in ITALY by MEMOLI Srl


Why choose a MEMOLI ACH CNC Tube Bender?

  • Carbon steel frame
  • Feasibility analysis thanks to the easy and intuitive 3D simulator
  • Primary axes handling with brushless CNC motors
  • Toggle lock closure
  • Programmable advance mandrel extraction
  • Bending with variable radius
  • Rear booster
  • Preparation for punching accessory – Up/Down mold opening
  • Compact and exposed bending head for maximum bending space
  • Separate control pulpit

Memoli would like to present their new series of 3-axis CNC tube bender for the linear bending of tubes up to 65 mm diameter.

The tube bending machines of the ACH series are fully automatic bending machines with CNC 3 axes: bending (Y axis), advancement (X axis) and rotation (Z axis).

This hybrid tube bender has been developed for the accurate bending of tubes and profiles. The main axes are electrically controlled, while the auxiliary axes are hydraulically controlled.

The extremely small bending head is made of steel with a chain-driven transmission to ensure more space in the sub-bending head; in this way, the machine can bend in a single cycle even tubes with the most complex geometries.

The setup times are extremely short and ensure great flexibility.
The ACH series of CNC mandrel tube bending machines is developed and produced entirely in Italy, in close collaboration with the main tube bending companies.


All of ACH mandrel bending machines are equipped with MEMOLI interface – a 3D bending software, designed for tube bending applications. Extremely easy and intuitive, it allows you to program directly through the adjustment of LRA (length – rotation – angle). MEMOLI software is also compatible with a wide variety of CAD software programmes (Autocad, Inventor, Solid Works, Pro Engineer, Rinhoceros etc.).

Among other strength points, it offers automatic springback compensation, it memorizes tool configuration and geometry, and it has anti-collision properties for component feasibility, without prototyping or material waste.

  • 3D Tube Development Graphics
  • Axis movement simultaneously
  • Calculation of tube length
  • Continuous monitoring of the machine
  • Software for anti-collision testing
  • Display of the graphic tool
  • Graphic display of the machine

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