MEMOLI Rotary Draw Tube Bending Machines with Mandrel

Mandrel Tube Bending
MEMOLI ETM 60|76|90


Mandrel Tube Bending, MEMOLI ETM Series ‘With Mandrel’ tube bending, for tube, pipe, box, rectangular sections bending with reduced deformation.

Manufactured in ITALY by MEMOLI Srl



Compact rotary draw tube bending machines, fitted with a mandrel ‘plain of bend positioning’, manual or automatic

Bending of tubes, pipes, box, rectangle sections, solid rounds, squares.
Radii up to 180° – Robust fabricated steel structure
Maximum bending capacity: see chart below
Minimum bending centre line radius of 3 x tube diameter
ETM Tube bending machines are controlled by the Digital Bend Programming software – ‘Touch Screen’, the software being specifically designed for MEMOLI machines, offering 99 individual programmes, each programme with a 5 step sequence in the bending operation.

Optional equipment: hydraulic or pneumatic material clamps.

MEMOLI ETM Rotary draw tube, pipe bending machines ‘With Mandrel’, are
Models 60 / 76 / 90 they have a bending range capacity from 10 to 90 mm diameter, with minimum bending radius of 3 x the tube or pipe diameter, depending upon the material type

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ETM 60, 76, 90
, specifications

The MEMOLI ETM machines can be equipped with several different options
dependant upon the customers requirements:

  • Manual eccentric vice and fixed mandrel
  • Eccentric clamping with hydraulic mandrel advance
  • Hydraulic and automatic circle mandrel clamping

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