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Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake MVD iBend C

Hydraulic brake press

MVD model iBend 'C' Series Metal Sheet Bender Press Brake metal bender machinery for sheet metal bending - steel plate bending, precision metal bending machinery, sheet metalwork bending fabrication steel plate bending.

Why choose this MVD iBend ‘B’ Series metal bending machine?

Hydraulic Synchronised Press Brake

  • MVD are a large Turkish manufacturer, since 1950
  • MVD offers a good build quality
  • Press Brakes technically up to date, fully supported by our UK service team & MVD

Today in the UK Market there are several Turkish Press Brake manufacturers,they account for a large proportion of the middle ground Press Brakes sold in the UK, given that the technical specification, ancillary equipment gives you all that you require, then they represent value for your money.

Any doubts, then we can arrange for you to inspect current MVD & RICO UK Press Brake installations.

  • Operator safety, adequate performance for metal bending, acceptable axis speed, build quality.
  • Choice of 4–6 automatic axis.
  • Reliable UK service & technical support from both JPS Machinery Ltd service team and MVD, replacement parts, if required, electrical, hydraulic components, generally UK sourced.
  • Adequate dimensioned Press Brake frame,
    i.e. open height, beam stroke, throat depth etc,
    check the dimensions out.

DELEM, CYBELEC, ESA CNC control – your choice
Controller options of up to 8 automatic axis, ancillary equipment. Offline software.

Interested in a CNC Controller demo? No problem, just ask.

CNC programming assistance after installation. UK telephone support available, freely now and for the future

Bending of sheet metal work – bending of heavier steel plates

• The MVD manufactured  Standard’ backgauge commencing with
1 automatic axis [Xshown above with ‘Options’ of up to 4 additional automatic axis, these being [R+Z1+Z2+X5]. PRCE Electric Press Brake Sheet Melal Bending 1 - Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake MVD iBend C

The ‘Optional’ UNIMEC ATF backgauge offers up to 6 automatic back gauge axis these being [X1+X2+R1+R2 Z1+Z2]

Please Note* a 6 axis backgauge
upgrade [X1+X2+R1+R2+Z1+Z2]
does require an upgrade of the Standard CYBELEC 12 PS CNC control

• The MVD back gauge ‘axis positioning’
[X] single axis, ball screw
[R] single axis, rack & pinion
[Z1+Z2] axis, manual positioning
[X5] ball screw, is an optional axis

• Reliable build quality at the MVD factory in Turkey.
This Hydraulic Synchronised Press Brake is equipped with reliable and proven electric & hydraulic components, that are generally also easily available in the UK

Finally on a ‘like’ for ‘like’ comparison with any of the other Turkish Press Brake manufactures who may be under your consideration, the MVD iBend ‘B’Series Hydraulic Synchronised Press Brake, technical specification, equipment, plus our ongoing technical support, will prove to be outstanding value for your money.

Standard Specification

Sheet Metal Bender | Hydraulic Synchronized, CNC control, 2D-3D + graphical options
4 automatic axis CNC control [Y1+Y2+X+R] Manual Axis [ Z1+Z2] – Additional automatic axis options available

Available Capacities:

Tonnage: 40 to 1000 tonne
Bend lengths: 1250 mm to 6100 mm

Tandam Brake Press machines are available for bend lengths over 6050 mm

Available capacities

100 to 500 tons | 2600 to 6100 mm bending lengths

The MVD iBend ‘C’ Series Press Brake pecification commences with:
The ‘standard’ MVD backgauge – 4 automatic axis, being [Y1+Y2+X +R]
plus 2 manual axis being [Z1+Z2 ]

The standard MVD backgauge offers options of increasing up to 7 automatic
back gauge axis, the additional 3 ‘Optional’ axis being [Z1+Z2+X5]

The ‘Optional’ UNIMECH ATF – Italian manufacture backgauge offers up to 6 automatic axis
being [X1+X2+R1+R2 Z1+Z2]

The ‘Standard’ CNC Controller is the
CYBELEC CybTouch 12 PS 12″ ‘Touch Screen’
controlling up to 4 automatic axis
Offline software – PC modeva
Operator frontal guarding FIESSLER AKAS II-F Laser
Photo cell electronic rear entry guarding

Many operator friendly production enhancing ancillary equipment options.

Movable front sliding material supports, mounted onto a linear railSheet Metal Bender - Throat & Stroke

• Laser operator frontal protection: FIESSLER Laser – model AKAS II-F (complies with CE Category IV)

• Rear entry protection – Light barriers

• Self-centred table with a 60mm or 90mm ‘V’ tool location [customers choice]

• INT 100 intermediary Euro Style clamps, with wedge system for simple top tool crowning

• Italian manufactured tooling:-
Top punch goose neck tool – Ref 1260 – [dwg on request]
Bottom 4 way ‘V’ die – 16-22-35-50 – Ref 2067 – [dwg on request]

• Front and rear illumination

• MVD standard warranty, 24 months, parts & labour fully supported by the JPS Machinery Ltd service team

• Operators instruction manual, CE certificate

• Schneider | Telemachanique
electrical equipment

• Hoerbiger | Rexroth
hydraulic equipment

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