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Pneumatic Tapping Machine

Thread tapping machine pneumatic D-JSC

The D-JSC tapping machines can be supplied with adjustable or fixed angle and with a range of M3 to M33. As a standard accessories are 6 collets (DIN 352) included.


Our D-JSC pneumatic tapping machines covers the whole range of M3 to M33. Blind holes and through holes can be tapped. The pneumatic motor is equipped with a quick change collet and is rotated by compressed air that has previously been filtered and lubricated by the air-treatment unit. The most flexible way to use the tapping machine is by using the magnetic foot. Or you can make place it on the work table P653 to complete your workstation. The work table is also mobile. So the tapping machine can be used anywhere.

Swift, easy to install and operate! A quick productivity and low labor intensity as result.

Pneumatically driven D-JS tap arms consist of a compressed air motor that operates a stable and flexible work arm featuring a quickchange collet and an overload clutch.

Because of the mounting flange, this tap arm can be installed on the worktable and be ready for immediate use, which means fast change times. Instead of having to position working material under the tap, you simply set the tap above the correct tap hole. Because of the low initial investment as well as low maintenance costs and a more efficient working method, this tap arm provides a quick return on investment.


  • Instead of positioning the working material under the tap, you simple set the tap above the correct tap hole
  • Fast change times because the machine is always ready for use
  • Guaranteed tapping at a right-angle (90°)
  • Low investment and maintenance costs
  • Includes a set of quick change collets with overload clutch and key

Available in 2 models

  • ‘A’ model with adjustable angle for horizontal tapping
  • ‘B’-model with a fixed angle (vertical 90°)

Magnetic foot for tapping machines

The tapping machine can be used most flexibly in combination with a magnetic foot.

Worktable for tapping machines

Your threading machine becomes a complete workstation when you mount it on one of our mobile work tables with solid worktop with T-slots.

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