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Powered Sheet Metal Rolling Machine 4135

Powered Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

Model range 4135

 Powered Sheet Metal Rolling Machine  Asymmetrical configuration with crowned rolls. cast steel frame, on fabricated base The lower material pinch roll, plus the rear pre bend roll,  both adjusted by a handwheel Lower and rear rolls with grooves for wire bending foot-operated forward/reverse switch with protective foot shroud.

The electrical equipment  protection IP54. Motor 400V - 50hz 3-phase


Why choose this Powered Sheet Metal Rolling Machine | model range 4135?

Nosstec ( Sweden ) sheet metal rolling machines offer a wide variety of metal rolling machines,  rolling machines for simple single piece bending roll work, that are powered roll rotation, with manual roll adjustments, or alternatively if you produce high volumes of products with high requirements, i.e. variable rolled shapes, elipse,, ovals, cones, squares with round corners etc,
then there are options of  NC or CNC control


  • Minimum Inside rolled dias 3 x top roll dia
  • Solid Cast Frame Construction
  • Crowned Rolls
  • Top roll swing out for cylinder removal
  • Cone bending as standard
  • Pre Bending roll adjusted by lever
  • European Manufacture – Sweden

After Sales Support
All metalworking machinery is fully supported
by our In-House service team, we have probably the largest
independent dealer service team in the UK
warranty cover, breakdown, service call out’s,
ongoing telephone support, operator training
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To be a JPS Machinery Ltd customer guarantees reliable response for any warranty or technical issues, operator machine function assistance via telephone support, or a call out.
Not just for the warranty period, but for the life of the ong0ing life of the  machine


Displays the exact bending roll position.


Used when working with hard materials like stainless steel. Induction-hardened to a depth of min 3mm, 57HRC hardness.


Allows a variable working speed when working with complex workpieces. The speed is variable between 20-60Hz which corresponds to 1,7-6,0m/min.

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