Servo Electric Punch Press

TP ALPHA CNC Electric Punch Press | C Frame Design | Electro Servo Punching Unit | Fanuc Drives, Motors | Fanuc PC 15″ Touch Screen.

Precision sheet metal punching and forming

Manufactured in Italy by Technology


Standard specification:

Electric – Low Energy Consumption
  • Advanced punching unit, no hydraulic oil
  • Punching frequencies of upto 750 rpm
  • Punch force of 30 tons
  • Smart tool change system, 5 station tool changer, that offers 18 tools when used with multi tool holders.
Working area without a re position:
TP 357 1250 x 1750 – TP 3510 1250 x 2500
TP 367 1500 x 1570 – TP 3610 1500 x 2500

A FANUC numerical control for axes co-ordination and management,with regard to plate positioning, tool transfer,  automatic compensation for re ground tools.

The C-shaped machine frame is made from normalised welded steel; it is completely stress-free to  ensure a high degree of rigidity and torsional strength.

The transmission mechanism, which is constantly lubricated in an oil-immersion bath, relies on the knuckle-joint principle and it is therefore protected against overload.

The power transmission system includes a three-phase motor, flywheel, clutch, pneumatic clutch-brake system, camshaft, knuckle joint, parallel ram and ram guide.

The punch stroke length is automatically managed by the CNC to meet several requirements (such as punching on high plate thickness, punch-drawing, etc.), or to adjust the punch penetration in order to use reground tools.

The carriages slide, by means of rolling bearings, on hardened and accurately ground steel guides. The axes are moved by a. c. servo motors, powered by digital drives.

Powered By JETCAM Software

  • Compact
  • Intuitive
  • Versatile
  • Easy to program
  • low consumption
  • Lower cost for machine set-up
  • Greater efficiency for material use

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