Taylor Watson – Sheffield, Yorkshire

7th December 2020

Technical Specification

Over a period of four weeks JPS Machinery Ltd , removed one of the top beam hydraulic cylinders, dismantled it,  checked the condition of the cylinder bore & piston rod, replaced the piston seals, rebuilt the cylinder, refitted the cylinder to the Press Brake top beam, re calibrated the position of the hydraulic cylinder [Y] axis, meaning Taylor & Watson’s 1950s Bronx Press Brake was once again to be of service for many more years to come.

Bringing an older Hydraulic Press Brake back to life for Sheffield steel fabricators

‘Sometimes the old ones are the best’, that was definitely the view of Sheffield-based metal forming and fabrication engineers Taylor and Watson when their 1950’s Bronx Press Brake was in need of a hydraulic cylinder repair.
They brought in the JPS Machinery Ltd service team to strip and rebuild the problem top beam hydraulic cylinder, which was giving  low pressure due to leaking cylinder seals – a repair process that took a lot of time and a lot of expertise – we made a decision to trust JPS Machinery Ltd skills & knowledge, therefore avoiding the cost of purchasing a new Press Brake, a few months later, the Bronx Press Brake was once again fully operational, remaining a very vital piece of kit for the Taylor and Watson business.

Director Adam Stacey believes they ‘don’t make them like they used to’, and that having a service partner like JPS Machinery Ltd on hand means vital machinery can remain in service for longer.

Why did you choose to use the JPS Machinery Ltd service team?

We’ve bought various bits of kit from JPS Machinery Ltd over the years,  but they’ve mostly supported us with annual servicing and occasional repairs, making sure the equipment we have continues to do what we need it to do.
When the Bronx Press Brake started to have issues we suspected it  might require a  hydraulic cylinder repair, we contacted JPS Machinery Ltd who were able to take a machine from the 1950s, repair it and keep it running, it took a lot of time, but was definitely worth it.

How have you benefitted from your relationship with JPS Machinery Ltd?

We haven’t found another company that has the same size of service team, expertise, contacts and supplier relationships that JPS Machinery Ltd have,  we know they are reliable and are always helpful when we encounter a problem.
We haven’t bought new machinery recently, but know that when we need to, they’ll help us choose the correct kit, plus keeping it in service for as long as possible.

How was the service and aftercare?

The fact that we keep going back to JPS Machinery Ltd shows the advice, service and aftercare we receive is good. We know they’ll know what to do and how to help,  that’s really reassuring when you’re working with such expensive machinery that needs expert care.

Would you recommend JPS Machinery Ltd?

Absolutely, and we regularly do, them having the contacts they do have, coupled with their  knowledgeable and reliable service team, makes sourcing replacement parts so much easier, we know they’ll be able to find what we need and fix any issue.