What is Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery

12th October 2018

Technical Specification


Fiber laser cutting machinery has quickly gained popularity with manufacturing companies, simply because it offers lower maintenance costs when compared to the older CO2 generation of flying optic machines.

Fibre Laser Cutting Machines


Fiber laser cutting machines are designed for cutting non-reflective materials, such as steel sheet & plate. They are now available up to 12Kw, often allied with a 24 x 7 pallet loading system, or a ‘RADIAL’ loading system for larger / thicker sheets

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What is Fiber Laser cutting technology?

The Laser light (excitation ) is created with banks of light omitting Diodes, the individual light beams are then transferred via 100μ Fiber’s into a ‘Collimator’ that then focuses these light beams into a single beam.

Thermal cutting then occurs as the power of the intense Laser light is focused onto the surface of the material to be cut, metal being the most common material cut using this technology.

The Kinetic energy in the laser beam is absorbed into the surface of the material, the energy of the Lasers beam converts into heat, which then vaporises the material in the light beam.

Benefits of Fiber laser cutting machinery

There are many benefits to using Fiber laser cutting as opposed to traditional C02 lasers including but not limited to the following:

  • Lower energy consumption compared to the previous generation of CO2 Lasers
  • Lower costs on maintenance and consumables – since there is no need of cleaning or replacing optic systems when compared to flying optic CO2 machines
  • Fiber Laser offer better definition of the Laser beam, ensuring better and cleaner cuts
  • Faster processing times, allied to 24 x 7 operation 


Typical Fiber Laser cutting applications

Fiber Laser cutting is currently used for a range of applications. However, the most popular are definitely within the metalworking industries, high precision sheet metal, non-metallic products and marking components for tractability.

JPS Machinery Ltd Fiber laser cutting machines

Here at JPS Machinery Ltd Ltd we offer a wide range of Laser cutting machinery;  both flat bed 2D, up to 12Kw,  or tube processing machines that are often bespoke to a customers requirements.

If you have an interest in acquiring Laser cutting technologies,  then please check out our website at
https://jps-machinery.co.uk/fiber-laser-cutting-machine/ or call and discuss your requirements with one of our sales team

Some of the benefits of talking to the sales team at JPS Machinery Ltd re Fiber laser cutting include:

  • A varied range of machinery available
  • We offer quality software training
  • Fully supported warranties
  • Ongoing technical support throughout the life of the machine
  • Annual maintenance contracts available
  • Finance packages can be arranged

If you have any questions regarding any of our Fiber Laser thermal cutting machines,  or simply require a chat with our sales team to establish the best specification  for your individual needs and requirements, please  not hesitate to call our team on 0113 2363366

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